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Fife Mining Heritage. The site is updated on a regular basis. If you have any items you wish to see on this site or any suggestions please contact Society

The Fife Coalfield old

We aim to produce a a complete history of the Fife Coalfield on the following links.

Don't forget you can access more pages by clicking on where you see bold CAPITALS

Our database of Fife Collieries is now active. Most of the information we aim to put on this database has been researched by the excellent team at Fife Pits and Memorial Book.

If you want detailed information on each pit go to our LINKS page and click on FIFE PITS and MEMORIAL BOOK.

    A brief breakdown of the collieries in the Fife Coafield. [ view ]
    Poems with a mining theme. [ view ]
  • Disasters old A transcript of the report into the Investigation of the Valleyfield disaster is now available
  • Memories We hope to show you pictures of what remains of Fife's Mining Heritage on this page, before it is to late and they are gone forever.
  • Fife Coal Companies old Just click on (view) below to open up the database.
  • COLLIERIES  If you have any information on Fife collieries please contact us.
  • Pictures of items with Fife mining links.  If you have any item you feel will be of interest on this page please contact us. We will scan/photograph any item and return immediately..
  • A miners life Miners and their families at work
  • Geology Coal how it was formed
  • Miscellaneous This page features a number of items which have links with the Fife Coalfield.
  • A brief history of the Fife Coalfield Click on (view) to open the database, place your curser in any cell showing a small red triangle and the entry will appear.
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 Fife Mining Heritage can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions. 
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