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Disasters old

A transcript of the report into the Investigation of the Valleyfield disaster is now available

Disasters in The Fife Coafield.

The price of coal took a heavy toll on miners lifes. However, there were a number of occasions when the toll was particulary heavy. Brief descriptions of each disaster are detailed below. We aim to produce more detailed descriptions in the near future.

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Hill of Beath
In February 1901, seven men were overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning given off as a result of a fire (spontaneous combustion) at the Engine Colliery. Initially two men went to inspect the fire and when they failed to return, five miners and the colliery manager went to look for them. However, they ran into the carbon monoxide, and were overcome by the gas. Four men initially died and a another man died later during the search for the men.
In May 1973 five miners were killed caused by powered supports which collasped in the steep Dysart Main seam.
Bowhill Bowhill
In october 1931 ten miners were killed by a firedamp during work on moving a ventilation fan.
Lindsay Lindsay
On 14th December 1957 nine men were killed and eleven injured by an explosion in the Glasse No3 section, one of the men killed was overcome by gas when trying to rescue other miners. The subsequent enquiry concuded that a match, struck to light a cigarette was the cause. At that time not all pits were regarded as dangerous and some were still being worked by miners using naked flame lamps, but the Lindsay was not one of them. Two previous explosions at the colliery in 1929 and 1955, had resulted in one fatality and so Lindsay was designated as a safety lamp colliery where cigarettes and matches (contraband) where banned.
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