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A list of books in the societies collection.

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There are 22 books in this collection at the prsent time. You can view each book by scrolling down the page.

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A Dark and Dismal Strife. A Dark and Dismal Strife.
This book is essentially about a small coalmine in the kingdom of Fife and some of the coAlminers who 'wrocht' therein. This coalmine originally belonged to the Wemyss Coal Company before Nationalisation on January 1st 1947 and was situated approximately half a mile to the North of Coaltown of Wemyss in the middle of open country. BUY THIS BOOK NOW. SEE FOR SALE PAGE.
Lamping the Flame Lamping the Flame
Poems of Yesteryear and Today by Andrew Farmer. This book is dedicated to my Grandfather. JOHN MATHISON (1880 - 1941). An Injury underground, and associated ill-health, shortened his life. regrettably, I was too young to get to know him. I wear his genes with pride.
The Deputy's Handbook. The Deputy's Handbook.
This handbook aims to be a guide to the duties and responsibilities of a deputy. Although it will be of practical help to potential deputies it should be equally valuable to practicing deputies.
Jeffrey Mine Handbook. Jeffrey Mine Handbook.
This, the Second Edition of the Jeffrey Coal Mining Handbook, is issued for the purpose of presenting in compact form such data as is frequently required by coal mining men in their work with coal mining machinery.
Practical Shotfiring - Advanced. Practical Shotfiring - Advanced.
This manual supplements Training Manual No6 'Practical 'Shotfiring' by dealing with the firing of large rounds in drifts and sinkings, infusion shotfiring and non-explosive methods of blasting. Although it is addressed primarily to the shotfirer, other colliery officiials may perhaps find it a useful work of reference.
Handbook of Shotfiring in Coal Mines. Handbook of Shotfiring in Coal Mines.
The Commitee on the precautions necessary to secure safety in the Use of Explosives in Coal Mines, which was appointed by the Minister of Fuel and Power, reported in May 1950, and their Report was published by H.M. Stationery Office. The report recommended the lines along which a new Explosive Order for Coal Mines should be drawn up, and proposed that the Order should be supplemented by an explanatory guide to its provisions, including advice on the numerous matters of detail which cannot be covered n the Order itself.
Dugs, Doos & Dancing Dugs, Doos & Dancing
Jim Douglas combines his talents as a poet and illustrator to produce an account of life in and around a Fife mining community. 1000 copies were printed thanks to funding from Coalfield Regeneration Fund. All copies were sold in a record nine months.
The Miners. The Miners.
Anthony Burton read Chemistry at Leeds University and then worked briefly as a research chemist. He later spent five years in publishing before leaving to become a full-time writer in 1968. His books include The Canal Buidler, Remains of a Revolution and several novels. He has recently completed a boigraphy of Josiah Wedgewood and is at present working on a book about eighteenth century travellers. He is married with three children and lives in a village near Oxford.
Economic Geology of the Fife Coalfields. Economic Geology of the Fife Coalfields.
Area III. Markinch, Dysart and Leven. This memoir is the third and the last of a series in which the economic geology of the Fife Coalfields is described. It deals with an area of about 41 square miles extending from a north and south line through Thornton and Markinch eastwards to the Dysart-Largo seaboard. The greater part of the Area falls within sheet 40 (Kinross) of the One-inch Geological map of Scotland.
Surveying Practice & Statutory Plans Part 1. Surveying Practice & Statutory Plans Part 1.
Certain parts of this Code are based on recommendations contained in the Report on Standards of Accuracy and Limits of Errors for Plans and Surveys of Plans, jointly prepared by the Royal Institutian of Chartered Suveyors and the Institute of Mining Surveys, and published in 1935. The Board wish to acknowledge their indebtedness to thes two societies for permision to use this material.
A Century of Struggle. A Century of Struggle.
Britains Miners in Pictures 1889 to 1989. One hunderd years ago, county mining unions in Scotland, England and Wales, some of them already over a century old, came together to form the Miner's Federation of Great Britain, the forerunner of the National Union of Mineworkers. This pictorial history marks the MFGB/NUN centenary. The banner displayed opposite portrays the British miners long struggle over wages and conditions, health and safety, nationalisation, peace and socialism.
The Design of Belt Conveyors. The Design of Belt Conveyors.
A booklet produced by Mavor & Coulson Ltd Glasgow in 1958 on the Design of Belt Conveyors.
Modern Mining Practice. Volume I. Modern Mining Practice. Volume I.
Practical Coal Mining for Miners. Practical Coal Mining for Miners.
Modern Mining Practice. Volume II. Modern Mining Practice. Volume II.
Modern Mining Practice. Volume III. Modern Mining Practice. Volume III.
Modern Mining Practice. Volume IV. Modern Mining Practice. Volume IV.
An Introduction to Mine Surveying.1 An Introduction to Mine Surveying.1
Modern Mining Practice. Volume V Modern Mining Practice. Volume V
M & C Manuals. M & C Manuals.
Coalcutters, Conveyors and Loaders. Coalcutters, Conveyors and Loaders.
Children of the Dark. Children of the Dark.
Kinglassie Village Kinglassie Village
A Mining Pedigree. A Tribute in Verse by Andrew Farmer. Andrew Farmer, born 1939, grew up in the mining village of Kinglassie in Fife. After an education combining the local primary school, Beath High School in Cowdenbeath (1950-57), and Edinburgh University (1957-61), he undertook teacher training at Moray House, College of education, in Edinburgh (1961-62).
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